Ancient Megalithic Structures

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Ancient Megalithic Structures

Can we detect ancient civilizations tens of thousands of years old? The answer is no, because time has destroyed all evidence of these civilizations and remnants of them. A groundbreaking paper published in 2018 by NASA scientist Gavin Schmidt and astrophysicist Adam Frank tackles this very intriguing question. 

Finding any evidence of them would be extremely hard to find. Cataclysms and earth changes in the past would have erased all evidence of them. We are only a couple of hundred years into a technological civilization, that’s not a very long time in the fossil record. If our civilization got wiped out, we would disappear from that record. After a thousand years, the results of our civilization will not be visible. After a hundred thousand years, who knows what it would leave.

The earliest civilization emerged around 3000 BC in modern day Iraq according to mainstream archaeology. However, the surviving histories of many ancient peoples tell of an earlier age, one where mortals and gods lived side by side. Oral histories have been around for generation after generation, and they always talk about the before the before, when gods and people walked the land.

Hesiod was a Greek Arthur who wrote that there were five ages of man. The Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, the age of Heroes and the age of Iron. In the golden age, the people were living beautiful lives along with the gods. The Aztecs have other ages of man, other cultures have similar ways of breaking up time, and going back into deep time, it’s their understanding of their origins. When we look into the historical records of the Greeks and the Aztecs, they are often talking about ages that span thousands of years.

The pre-Adamic civilizations

We can even find stories of an age before modern humans in early Judaic texts. Which describe a race of humans that existed on the earth long before the biblical Adam. The bible even hinted to the pre Adamic civilization.  There is a curious genealogy portrayed in the Book of Genesis Ch.36 which states, ‘these are the kings that reigned in the land of E-dom, before there reigned any king in Israel’.

The Antikythera Mechanism
Tilemahos Efthimiadis from Athens, Greece / CC BY (

There is extensive knowledge from many cultures that something existed before our modern civilization. Other technological civilizations that predated us, that were destroyed and forgotten.

Could it be that these ancient stories are more than just myths? And that our planet has witnessed the rise and fall of more than one advanced civilization?

As Ancient Astronaut Theorists insist, the earth played host to other advanced civilizations long before our own. What happened to them? And why is there no hard evidence to prove they existed? For many, we can find the answer, hiding in plain sight. The hard evidence exists in the form of objects made using the only substance that can withstand the test of time, stone.

Boston Massachusetts 2020, Aerospace engineer and satellite imaging expert Dr. Mark Carlotto Ph.D. (Author, Before Atlantis) has spent the past three years investigating the world’s most impressive archaeological sites. After surveying each site’s precise geographical orientations, he has come to an incredible conclusion. Many ancient structures provide evidence of being far older than mainstream archaeologists believe. And were likely built tens of thousands of years ago.

“If you look at many monuments today, we see they are often built aligned to the cardinal directions. So knowledge of the earth, astronomy and the heavens was very important in alignments”.

Most of the world’s megalithic structures had been built in precise alignment with the earth’s cardinal directions of north, south, east and west. Dr Carlotto’s investigation had a breakthrough after he noticed that Teotihuacan, the ancient complex north of Mexico City, didn’t properly line up. An extraordinary idea occurred to him. Perhaps the site was built tens of thousands of years earlier when the earths poles were not in their current location.

Plate tectonics and shifting poles

In the 1950s Harvard educated scientist Charles Hapgood, proposed a theory known as crustal displacement. Where at in certain points in earth’s history, the earth’s crust suddenly and rapidly shifts positions. And changed the position of the north and south poles.

Plate tectonics has the earth’s plates drifting as individual separate plates. Charles Hapgood had a theory that instead of a slow steady movement, he said it was sudden quick movement of the whole crust. The thin crust of the earth can slip forward on the mantel and therefor the North Pole and South Pole can shift somewhat, causing huge cataclysmic changes.

Hapgood’s analysis is based on climate data, looking at patterns of climate change, changes in glacial patterns, and ice ages. He correlated those patterns with what he believed was the cause, which was the shift of the poles. Over the last 100,000 years, there were three previous locations of the North Pole.

Hapgood sent his idea to Einstein, who endorsed it. When Einstein died, he actually had Hapgoods book open on his desk.

When Carlotto looked at the imagery of the Mesoamerican sites and realized that the pyramids and temples did not align to north. He thought perhaps they aligned to former north poles that Hapgood had discovered.

Dr Carlotto believes that the world’s most impressive ancient structures not only confirm Hapgood’s theory, but radically alter our understanding of intelligent life on planet earth.

Gzzz / CC BY-SA (

10,000 years older than mainstream archeologists propose

Hapgood believed the Hudson bay pole existed 12 to 18 thousand years ago. So these sites because of their alignment to this pole could be that old. If Dr. Carlotto’s analysis is correct, it would date the construction of Teotihuacan to at least 10,000BC. That is 10,000 years older than mainstream archaeologists propose. He contends that other ancient sites are even older.

One of the most enigmatic sites on earth is Baalbek Temple of Jupiter, in Lebanon. This site orients to a point in Greenland that Hapgood believed was a former location of the North Pole. Based on Hapgood’s theory, Baalbek’s alignment with Greenland would date it to a staggering 50,000 years ago.

Another site nearby, the western wall in Jerusalem, aligns with the Greenland North Pole. A third site, the Pantheon in Athens, we believe that the original structures were established as long ago as 50,000 years. And according to Dr. Carlotto these are still not the oldest structures that exist on earth. Based on Hapgoods theory, the North Pole was in the Bering sea over 100,000 years ago.

colin houston / CC BY (

The Temple of the Sun Ollantaytambo in Perú

Sun Temple’s normally align to the cardinal directions, they have an eastern side that faces the rising sun on the equinox. Ollantaytambo Sun temple is tilted, approximately 45 degrees, an alignment to the current pole makes little sense. But if we now change our reference and look at an earlier pole, the pole thought to have existed in the Bearing Sea; the orientation makes perfect sense.

Most significant about this analysis is that it extends the time frame for archaeology, from 10,000 years to tens of thousands of years. Perhaps even a hundred thousand years or more.

Dr, Carlotto stated, “I contend that the five ages of the Aztecs, the five ages of the Greeks, and the previous and current locations of the poles are all correlated. They all tell the same story”.

That cataclysmic pole shift occurred is startling. These ancient structures can be far older than archaeologists will admit and ultimately hundreds or thousands of years later, people found them again and started re using them. It’s a fascinating thought.

Alastair Rae from London, United Kingdom / CC BY-SA (

Are the remnants of long-lost civilizations misinterpreted by scholars as being much more recent than they actually are?


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