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(So-called “Bilingual of Creation”)

The Babylonian Legends of Creation, by E. A. Wallis Budge

The holy house, the house of the gods in the holy place had not yet been made.
No reed had sprung up, no tree had been made.
No brick had been laid, no structure of brick had been erected.
No house had been made, no city had been built.
No city had been made, no creature had been constituted.
Enlil’s city, (i.e., Nippur) had not been made, E-kur had not been built,
Erech had not been made, E-ana had not been built,
The Deep (or Abyss) had not been made, Eridu had not been built.
Of the holy house, the house of the gods, the dwelling-place had not been made.
All the lands were sea
At the time that the mid-most sea was [shaped like] a trough,
At that time Eridu was made, and E-sagil was built,
The E-sagil where in the midst of the Deep the god Lugal-dul-azaga (another name for Marduk) dwelleth,
Babylon was made, E-sagil was completed.
The gods the Anunnaki he created at one time.
They proclaimed supreme the holy city, the dwelling of their heart’s happiness.
Marduk laid a rush mat upon the face of the waters,
He mixed up earth and moulded it upon the rush mat,
To enable the gods to dwell in the place where they fain would be.
He fashioned man.
The goddess Aruru with him created the seed of mankind.
He created the beasts of the field and [all] the living things in the field.
He created the river Idiglat (Tigris) and the river Purattu (Euphrates), and he set them in their places,
He proclaimed their names rightly.
He created grass, the vegetation of the marsh, seed and shrub;
He created the green plants of the plain,
Lands, marshes, swamps,
The wild cow and the calf she carried, the wild calf, the sheep and the young she carried, the lamb of the fold,
Plantations and shrub land,
The he-goat and the mountain goat …
The lord Marduk piled up a dam in the region of the sea (i.e., he reclaimed land)
He … a swamp, he founded a marsh.
… he made to be
Reeds he created, trees he created,
… in place he created
He laid bricks, he built a brick-work,
He constructed houses, he formed cities.
He constructed cities, creatures he set [therein].
Nippur he made, E-Kur he built.
[Erech he made, E-Anna] he built.

[The remainder of the text is fragmentary, and shows that the text formed part of an incantation which was recited in the Temple of E-Zida, possibly the great temple of Nabu at Borsippa.]


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