Ashur the Creator

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Ashur the Creator

Translated by LW King, Cuneiform Texts

To Ashur, king of all the gods, their creator, father of
the gods,

Whose hand was developed in the ocean, king of the
heavens and the earth,

Lord of all the gods, sustainer of the Igigi and the

Creator of the heaven of Anu and of the Hades,
maker of all men,

Dweller in the brilliant skies, Lord of the gods,
determiner of destiny,

Inhabitant of Esharra, which is in Asshur. To his
great lord, his lord Sennacherib,

King of Assyria, maker of the statue of Ashur. The
great gods . . .

The length of his days, the goodness of his heart,
the stability of his years of reign . . .


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