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Sobek: Egyptian Crocodile God Explained

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Sobek was an ancient Egyptian god with a puzzling and fluid nature. He is closely associated with a Nile crocodile or the West African crocodile while being represented as a human with a crocodile head.

In Egyptian mythology and folklore, Sobek was a god of fertility, waters, military prowess and served as a protective deity that was invoked for protection against the dangers of the Nile.

He often wore a plumed headdress with a horned sun disk or the Atef crown (associating him with Amon-Ra) and carried the Was scepter (representing power) and the Ankh (representing the breath of life).  Sobek was unpredictable and it was said that he sometimes allied himself with the forces of Chaos.

Is he being worshiped today and what are the rituals done in his name? Why were crocodiles in some parts of Egypt worshiped while killed and hunted in others? What does his presence mean for our psychic life?

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Sobek had a lasting presence in the Egyptian pantheon dating back to the period of the Old Kingdom of Egypt up to the Roman period. Moreover, there are pyramid texts of the Old Kingdom where Sobek is mentioned.

In one spell the pharaoh was praised as the living incarnation of the crocodile god and it says the following:

“Unis is Sobek, green of plumage, with alert face and raised fore, the splashing one who came from the thigh and tail of the great goddess in the sunlight … Unis has appeared as Sobek, Neith’s son. Unis will eat with his mouth, Unis will urinate and Unis will copulate with his penis. Unis is lord of semen, who takes women from their husbands to the place Unis likes according to his heart’s fancy.”

Sobek was an aggressive deity with animalistic tendencies and a vicious reputation of his patron crocodile animal.

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