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Our only source of information concerning these Babylonian myths and legends is Berossus, a Babylonian priest under Antiochus Soter (281-262BCE), fragments of whose work have been preserved by Josephus and Eusebius, the latter having them at second hand from Alexander Polyhistor an Apollodorus. The passage here quoted rests partly upon Georgus Syncellus, is published in Eusebia Chromicorum Liber Prior, edidit Alfred Schone (Berlin, 1875). The text here cited is the Armenian in Schoene’s Latin version, which differs somewhat from the Greek and is apparently better preserved. Other versions have 8 kings until the flood while this account has 10.

These things has Berossus narrated, that the first
king was Alorus, from Babylon, a Chaldean; he ruled
ten sars (Syncellus 71, 3). When, he says, Alorus was
dead his son Alaparus reigned three sars, and after
Alaparus Almelon, a Chaldean from the state Pautibiblon
reigned thirteen sars. After Almelon Ammenon a Chal-
dean from Parmibiblon reigned twelve sars. In those days
there appeared a certain being from the Red Sea, whom
they call Idotion, whose form was that of a man and of a
fish. And after him Amegalarus of the city of Pautibiblon
reigned eighteen sars. After this was Daonus, a shepherd
of the city of Pautibiblon; he also reigned ten sars.

Under him again from the Red Sea came forth four
Sirens, who, in like manner, appeared having the ap-
pearance of man and of fish. And thereafter Edoranchus
of the state of Pautibiblon held rule eighteen sars. Under
him again from the Red Sea there appeared a certain
other being, like fish and man, whose name was Odakon.
All these he (i. e., Berossus) says were both collectively
and singly sent forth by Oannes. Thereupon Amenph-
sinus, a Chaldean of Lanchara, held rule, and he reigned
ten sars. Then Otiartes, a Chaldean of Lanchara, held
rule; and he also reigned eight sars. When Otiartes was
dead, his son Xisuthros reigned eighteen sars. Under
him occurred the great flood. All these together make
ten kings and one hundred and twenty sars.


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