About Us

About Us – Eat The Fruit

Eat The Fruit Inc. was established in 2019. First, we began with a small following of a couple thousand in June. By July we reached 10,000, by October 100,000. Within 1 year the community has exceeded 500,000 users and counting!

Our team consists of over 15 dedicated members. From everyday people, to theologians and 5 star authors. Our name comes from the Biblical creation story in Genesis. Man eats the fruit from the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” and becomes enlightened and aware. Now, in turn we would like to become enlightened and aware.

Our goal is to explore the truth of our origins, of our creators, and the nature of the architect of our universe. In our search for the truth we investigate the oldest sources of information. We analyze every artifact and ancient text left behind.

Eat The Fruit Inc. is on a mission to provide a safe forum for the discussion of these topics. In addition, to create a database of knowledge and insight to help everyone on their journey. 

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