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​Welcome to! Our mission is to provide resources for those seeking answers to questions many spend a lifetime trying to answer. Through the analysis of various ancient texts, scriptures, and mythologies, we’re able to construct timelines not mentioned in the history books. Treating each piece as a puzzle, we begin to reveal the untold story of our past.

Was Enoch the Builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza?

Enoch lived before the great flood and was said to be the keeper of all kn

The Barbarian Gods

The end of the Iron Age gave rise to Greek Cities, Carthage and Rome, but these aren't the only nota

Religion, Mythology, and History

What is Mythology

Angels are described as winged creatures carrying messages from the heaven

Zeus and Hades, The Brotherly Feud

Origins of Zeus

The origins of Zeus are from an ancient Anatolian Hittite Myth called T

Apologetics and Faux Ancient Texts


Hermetics recently became a popular topic of di

The Creation of Heaven, Earth, and Man Timeline

This timeline of creation was created using various sources. While refe