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Welcome to the Eat The Fruit PDF Library
Our collection consists of over 1800 PDF documents available for download. It features public domain works no longer subjected to copyright protection laws. The majority of these books were published between the early 1500s and the early 1900s. Some may be in German, Italian, or other foreign languages.

Ancient Near East (611 PDFs)

The foundations of civilization. History, culture, and religious and mythological literature.


Ancient Egypt (357 PDFs)

Publications by early frontier scholars such as, E. A. Wallis Budge, D. A. Mackenzie, and A. H. Sayce.


Paganism (141 PDFs)

Idolatry, Pagan Ceremonies and Practices, Biblical Parallels, and Heathen Mythological Literature.


Celtic Mythology, Customs, History (207 PDFs)

From the small Hallstatt Aristocracy, to the largest demographic culture in Ancient Europe.


The Occult (308 PDFs)

Alchemy, Arcana, Levitation, Psychology, Hermetic Philosophy, Psychical Research, and more.


Secret Societies (100 PDFs)

Obscure secret societies featured in publications spanning from the 1700’s to the early 1900s.


Far Eastern Literature (75 PDFs)

From India to Japan, Far Eastern Mythological Literature.