Origin/Historian/Author: Babylonian
Source: Babylonian Magic and Sorcery, L. W. King, 1896

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1. O Sin! Nannar! mighty one …..
2. O Sin, who art unique, thou that brightenest
3. That givest light unto the nations
4. That unto the black-headed race art favourable
5. Bright is thy light, in heaven
6. Brilliant is thy torch, like the Fire-god
7. Thy brightness fills the broad earth!
8. The brightness of the nation he gathers, in thy sight
9. Ann of the sky, whose purpose no man learns!
10. Overwhelming is thy light like the Sun-god [thy?] first-born!
11. Before thy face the great gods bow down, the fate of the world is set before thee!
12. In the evil of an eclipse of the Moon which in such and such month on such and such day has taken place,
13. In the evil of the powers, of the portents, evil and not good, which are in my palace and my land,
14. The great gods beseech thee and thou givest counsel!
15. They take their stand all of them, they petition at thy feet!
16. Sin, glorious one of Ekur they beseech thee and thou givest the oracle of the gods
17. The end of the month is the day of thy oracle, the decision of the great gods;
18. The thirtieth day is thy festival, day of prayer to thy divinity
19. God of the New Moon, in might unrivaled, whose purpose no man learns,
20. I have poured thee libation of the night (with) wailing, I have offered thee (with) shouts of joy drink offering of …..
21. I am bowed down! I have taken my stand! I have sought for thee!
22. Do thou set favor and righteousness upon me!
23. May my god and my goddess, who for long have been angry with me,
24. In righteousness and justice deal graciously with me! Let my way be propitious, with joy
25. And ZA.GAR, the god of dreams hath sent,
26. In the night season ….. my sin may I hear my iniquity may …..
27. For ever may I bow myself in humility before thee!

(A Short Hymn to Ishtar divided the two sections, the Hymn to Sin continues on line 38)

38. I so and so, son of so and so, whose god is so and so, whose goddess is so and so,
39. In the evil of an eclipse of the Moon, which in such and such month on such and such day has taken place
40. In the evil of the powers, of the portents, evil and not good, which are in my palace and my land,
41. Have turned towards thee! I have established thee! Listen to the incantation!
42. Before Nabu thy spouse, the lord, the prince, the first-born son of lsagila, intercede for me!
43. May he hearken to my cry at the word of thy mouth; may he remove my sighing, may he learn my supplication!
44. At his mighty word may god and goddess deal graciously with me!
45. May the sickness of my body be torn away; may the groaning of my flesh be consumed!
46. May the consumption of my muscles be removed!
47. May the poisons that are upon me be loosened!
48. May the ban be torn away, may the ….. be consumed!
49. May …..; at thy command may mercy be established!
50. May god and king ordain favor at thy mighty command that is not altered
51. And thy true mercy that changes not, O lady Tasmitu! The catch-line reads: “O lord, that directs the multitude of the peoples, the whole of creation!”