Origin/Historian/Author: Babylonian
Source: Babylonian Magic and Sorcery, L. W. King, 1896

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1. O mighty lord, hero, first-born of NU.NAM.NIR!
2. Prince of the Anunnaki, lord of the battle!
3. Offspring of KU.TU.SAR the mighty queen!
4. O Nirgal, strong one of the gods, the darling of NIN.MIN.NA!
5. Thou treadest in the bright heavens, lofty is thy place!
6. Thou art exalted in the Under-world and art the benefactor of its …..
7. With Ea among the multitude of the gods inscribe thy counsel!
8. “With Sin in the heavens thou seekest all things!
9. And Bel thy father has granted thee that the black-headed race, all living creatures,
10. The cattle of Nirgal, created things, thy hand should rule!
11. I so and so, the son of so and so am thy servant!
12. The ….. of god and goddess are laid upon me!
13. Uprooting and destruction are in my house!
14. …..
15. Since thou art beneficent, I have turned to thy divinity!
16. Since thou art compassionate, I have sought for thee!
17. Since thou art pitiful, I have beheld ….. !
18. Since thou art merciful, I have taken my stand before thee!
19. Truly pity me and hearken to my cries!
20. May thine angry heart have rest!
21. Loosen my sin, my offense …..
22. …..
23. god and angry goddess …..
24. Let me talk of thy greatness, let me bow in humility before thee!