Origin/Historian/Author: Alexander Polyhistor
Source: Ancient Fragments, I.P. Cory


A Classical/Hellenistic era literature originally authored by Alexander Polyhistor. Alexander Polyhistor was an imprisoned Greek historian. He lived between 105 BC and 36 BC. All we have left of his works are fragments depicting historical and geographical accounts of Chaldea and the surrounding areas. This remaining fragment featuring details from the Tower of Babel is found in Ancient Fragments by I.P. Cory.

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The Sibyl says: That when all men formerly spoke the same language some among them undertook to erect a large and lofty tower, that they might climb up into heaven. But God sending forth a whirlwind confounded their design, and gave to each tribe a particular language of its own, which is the reason that the name of that city is Babylon. After the deluge lived Titan and Prometheus, when Titan undertook a war against Cronus.—Sync. xliv.; Jos. Ant. Jud. i. c. 4; Euseb. Præp. Evan. ix.