Origin/Historian/Author: Sumerian (ca. 2100 BCE)
Source: Sumerian Liturgical Texts, By Stephen Langdon, 1917

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1. ….. of heaven, the merciful(?).
2. Lord who makest glad the land of Sumer.
3. Who causest his devastation to befall the foreign land.
4. Who fearful decrees.. …. speakest. ….
5. Whom Enlil as the everlasting shepherd of the Land [did choose?]
6. Oh divine Dungi king of Ur thou art.
7. When he turns his regard he speaks faithfully.
8. Holy priest who peace ….. bestows.
9. …..thou art.
10. ….. thou art.
11. Shepherd ….. of Nannar thou art; recorder ….. thou art.
12. By the command of Ninlil, pious works in the universe he established
13. Oh magnified one the temple behold! give command!
14. On that day melody befitting a king …..
15. “Dungi I praise, him that causes Ur to repose.
16. Whom Nintud …..
17. Who the gods …..
18. Whom the “god of the steady star” upon a foundation. ….
19. To ….. cause to repose in years of plenty.
20. The army …..
21. By the command which my lady, the goddess ….. (has spoken),
22. Wailing in the upper land far away ….. they caused.
23. In the lower land songs of pacification thou didst cause to be uttered …..
24. Unto the upper land like a great ….. he approached.
25. From the upper land over Sumer beneficently a shadow he stretched.
26. Upon the violent foreign land far away ….. he stretched.
27. The doers of rebellion from the ways ….. he caused to stand aside.
28. …..
29. With a long song befitting royal power,
30. ….. a meditation I will compose for it.
31. In writing thy laws I will set forth.
32. When the writings are set forth, ….. (?)
33. Gladness causing, prosperity causing.
34. …..
35. The weapon ….. of sweet voice
36. The unopposed which is not restrained.
37. He that tirelessly causes anarchy to depart, thou art.
38. On the flute ….. I will set forth (these matters).
39. The name of the divine king transcends all,
40. (The name) of Enlil whose fixed decree is not transgressed.
41. The name of Sin who a city fated, whose splendor is not to be supported.
42. Whose curse the unclean purges.
43. The name of Shamash attendant of the gods.
44. My music let no man make.
45. My prayer which is unequaled let no wife utter.
46. Divine Dungi! I ….. in song institute for thee,
47. Who as one clean and pious brings about purity,
48. Instituting culture. My chief song.
49. The shepherd who fulfills the decrees as many as there be,
50. Royal power ….. may care for faithfully.
51. When my melodies in future days are …..
52. May the musician on his lyre …..
53. May my melody weeping ….. dispel
54. In a long song befitting royal power,
55. ….. a meditation let be.
56. The flute ….. let be.