Origin/Historian/Author: Isin (ca. 1900 BCE)
Source: Sumerian Liturgies and Psalms, By Stephen Langdon, 1919

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3. Enlil king of the gods
4. In the below and above, may give lordship over them unto me.
5. By the commands of Nunamnir,
6. By the utterance of Enlil,
7. May Anu speak for me an order of confidence.
8. Scepters may he give unto my hand.
9. May Urasa bestow upon me faithful care in his holy throne room.
10. Ninlil whose heart is pure,
11. She that in the far-famed chapel assures length of days.
12. She that renders good my portion exceedingly,
13. She who unto Enlil spoke assuringly for me good words,
14. She who daily protects Ekur for me
15. May render me my fate in Kenur the vast place.
16. May Enki the great lord of Eridu
17. Sustain(?) my head in the ritual chamber, the faithful, the far famed


5. Of the great Kenur its care …..
6. Of Enlil his oracle be proclaimed.
7. Unto the words of father Enlil
8. Ishme-Dagan am I-verily my neck 1 will turn.
9. To the utterance of my king may I lend mya ears.
10. In Sumer justice may I institute.
11. Nippur may I exalt like heaven.
12. Of Ekur its decrees I will deliver.
13. Of the plans(?) unto their care may I give heed.
14. The sacred relics which have fallen from their places may I restore to their places.
15. Of Enlil his precious decrees
16. I am lshme-Dagan, l will…..
17. Of Ninlil her….. l will…..