Origin/Historian/Author: Isin (ca. 1900 BCE)
Source: Sumerian Liturgical Texts, By Stephen Langdon, 1917

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1. Lady that beareth awe …..
2. Princess Bau, the peeress, lady ….. the heroic …..
3. She that keepeth the great decrees of Sumugan, the far famed bearer of…..
4. The vigorous, the faithful woman, the illustrious lady, goddess Ninshagtadeaga.
5. Celestial daughter, she that choseth the offspring of the sheepfolds, she whose hand filleth the ….. bowl.
6. Great queenly healer of the dark-headed people, she that gave life to man, she that created man.
7. She that apportions wine, beer and barley-meal(?) unto the Land …..
8. She that possesseth a solicitous heart, compassionate cow of the Land, lady who …..
9. Enlil king of the lands,
10. Nunamnir, lord that decrees fate,
11. In the house of Nippur, band of heaven and earth their great words [spoke.]
12. In brilliant Ekur they made thee far famed, that eyes cannot [support thee].
13. The mighty net-weapon of Nunamnir, [thou art].
14. Sentinel of Ekur, that givest bread to eat, that ….. [thou art].
15. Of Enlil in the temple his right hand thou art; his left hand thou art.
16. His shining weapon is suspended at thy side.
17. Nunamnir prince of the lands.
18. Mighty dignity in heaven and earth he gave into thy hand.
19. He exalteth thee; lordship unto the house of thy seed he hath bestowed for thee.
20. Thy paternal father, Anu the far-famed god, hath clothed thee with the robe of a sage.
21. The champion of Enlil, Ningirsu, hath caused to be given unto thee a wife.
22. And Eninnfi in the holy city he presented ….. unto thee as the abode of (thy) seed.
23. In Lagash and Gir-su metropolis of the Land,
24. The house of wisdom, thy beloved abode,
25. Silsirsir, temple of lordship, thy magnificent hall, he founded.
26. Thy magnificent dwelling place, band of heaven and earth, in Lagash they have placed.
27. The queen that holds universal power, whose side is unattainable.
28. Celestial daughter, great queen that knoweth anything whatsoever,
29. The mighty one, healer of the limbs of the prince, lshmeDagan son of Enlil,
30. The maiden, mother Bau, has looked with faithful eyes upon thee, good things decreed in order that life of days may go forth forever.
31. It is a long sa[bar].
32. The mother Bau unto the prince Ishme-Dagan son of Enlil life unto distant days hath given.
33. This is the interlude for the long sa[bar].


1. In the place of life, temple of Enlil,
2. ….. good thoughts in his breast multiplied.
3. Thee oh father(?) Ishme-Dagan he created.
4. A king thou art and with life thou hast been firmly fixed.
5. Unto the great mountain Enlil …..
6. Father Enlil great lord of the lands
7. For ishme-Dagan decreed the fate, ….. for him he ordered.
8. Enlil king of the lands cast the faithful eyes of life of his bright face upon him.
9. For lshme-Dagan he decreed fate.
10. A throne that proclaimeth laws, a crown that prolongeth the breath of life, a precious scepter that conducteth the faithful in unison,
11. Be decreed unto the prince Ishme-Dagan for his destiny.
12. May the Tigris and the Euphrates bring thee abundance ….. , and their banks be full for thee.
13. May their banks produce for thee drink and food, and bring thee gladness.
14. In the cellars of the gardens may the honey reach the edges.
15. May the field produce for thee gunu-grain unfailingly and may the granaries be heaped for thee.
16. May the stalls be filled with increase for thee and the sheepfolds be spacious for thee.
17. May he make famous the imperial power.
18. May heexait higher than heaven the rights of princes.
19. May the lower land and the upper land even unto the borders of the earth bring tribute unto thee.
20. May the Euphrates like the sunshine go up unto the Tigris.
21. Not shall the serpent seize thy sacrificial cakes in holy Ekur.
22. Enlil decreed this for his fate.
23. Unto the king in Ekur a mighty scepter he gave.
24. He became majestic and by the command of Enlil no rival he had.
25. He is given exalted station, he is adored.
26. Into the vast dwelling, the far famed habitation of royalty he was made to enter.
27. In the chapel of gold and lapis lazuli he takes his seat. The palace.. ….
28. Oh faithful woman, celestial daughter, by the command of Enlil in the chapel of gold and lapis lazuli [cause him to sit].
29. Oh maiden mother Bau, celestial daughter, Enlil ….. in the chapel of gold and lapis lazuli …..
30. Unto lshme-Dagan son of Enlil life unto far away days grant as a gift.
3 I. Of the city he is its lord and he is the ….. of Bau.
32. Oh lord by the profound wisdom of the gods shepherd the cities in the south and north.