Origin/Historian/Author: Sumerian
Source: Sumerian Liturgical Texts, by Steven Langdon, 1917

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1. The great god, on the hills, on the hills advances.
2. The god of the hills, the great god on the hills, on the hills advances.
3. Amurru, lord nunur, councilor.
4. Faithful prince, father of the great queen.
5. Heroic, faithful god thou art, Amurru.
6. Amurru, a faithful god thou art, yea Amurru.
7. He that directs my limbs, Amurru.
8. He that gave life unto my form, Amurru
9. …..


I. Supplication…..
2. The man who [….. thou dost ….. ]
3. If a man has [ ….. ]
4. If a man [has ….. ]
5. It is enough! Thy mercy is un
searchable. May thy heart …..
6. Like a mighty hero, like a strong man in thy hand take’ my hand.
7. The sin overlook; faithfully remove, and thine anger turn away.
8. “Give heed to the people,” let be said (to thee); and the Land ……
9. May thy heart like the heart of a childbearing mother return to its place.
10. Like a childbearing mother, like a begetting father return to its place.