Origin/Historian/Author: Sumer, Ur (ca. 1760 BCE)
Source: Ur Excavations Royal Inscriptions, By C. J. Gadd and Leon Legrain, 1928

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(1) To Nergal, (2) lord, might of the land, the powerful, (3) eldest son of Enlil, (4) my king, (5) Warad-Sin, (6) the keeper of E-barra, (7) nourisher of Ur (8) hearkening to (?) Enlil, (9) beloved of Nannar and the sun-god, (10) king of Larsa, (11) king of Sumer and Akkad, (12) son of Kudurmabug, (13) ” father ” of Emutbal, (14, 15) who took vengeance for E-barra, (16) the humble, who to the great gods (17) for his own life, (18) ….. am I. (19) …. Nergal,


(20,21) …. (22) in myzeal, (23) his ancient temple, (24) the pure temple, the abode of his heart’s delight (25) for my own life, (26) and the life (27) of Kudurmabug (28) the father who begat me (29) I built. (30) Like a tall mountain, (3 I ) a marvel for all the people may it stand. (32) Because of my work (33) may Nergal my god (34) rejoice. (35) A decree of life, (36) a long reign ….. (37) a throne solidly established, (38) may he give me as a present.


(1) For Ningal (2) the glorious lady (3) exalted over all power (4) his lady, (5) Warad-Sin, (6) nourisher of Nippur, (7) governor of Ur, (8) Larsa, (9) Lagash, (10) and the land of Kutalla ; (11) when Ningal


(12, 13) had listened unto his prayers, (14) the temple ” Id-lu-shubgu-kalamma,” (I5) her beloved house, (16) since the old days of its construction (17) the foundation and the wall were in ruin; (18) its foundation deposit I did not move. (19) (On) the old base of the wall (20) I put a facing (?) (21) and restored its place.


(1) For Inanna (2) the lady clad in great splendour (3) wielding all the powers (4) eldest daughter of Sin (5) his lady; (6) Warad-Sin, (7) the prince who favours Nippur (8) nourisher of Ur, (9) who takes thought for Girsu (10) with Lagash, (11) who reverences E-barra (12) king of Larsa (13) king of Sumer and Akkad (14) the strong one who seeks out the (divine) oracles (15) and executes their purpose (16, 17) who builds anew the house of the gods, (18-20) who brought mightily (into the temple) great copper statues that proclaim his royal name, (21, 22) who built the wall of his ruined city (23, 24) and makes his broad land dwell in a habitation of peace, (25) the majestic sag-ka-gal (26) who directs armies, am I; (27-29) on whom Enki bestowed a wide understanding to perform the duties of the city. (30) Because of this, for Inanna my lady, (31) with my prayer, (32) [I restored] E-dilmunna (33, 34) her dwelling of rest and of heart’s delight. (35) That the eye might see (36) and that its interior might be light (37-39) I enlarged its area more than before. (40) Unto days to come (41) for my life I built it; (42) its head I raised (43) and made it like a mountain. (44) Over my works (45) may Inanna my lady (46) rejoice. (47) Length of days, years of abundance (48) a throne securely based, a sceptre to subdue the people (49) as a gift may she grant me!


(1) For Ilbaba, (2) the lord, great warrior, (3) exalted son of Enlil (4) the god who makes light with his watchful eye (5) the helper of his weapons; (6) Warad-Sin (7) nourisher of Ur (8) king of Larsa (9) king of Sumer and Akkad (10) son of Kudur-Mabug (11) ” father ” of Emutbal, (12) the shepherd of righteousness (13, 14) who makes his wide-spread people to lie down in peace. (15, 16) Because he supported me in the place of my uplifting hands (to him) (17, 18) and delivered my enemies into my hand, (19) because of this (20) for Ilbaba (21) the lord of (i.e. who granted) my favorable omens (22) in my religious zeal (26) I built (23) his temple (24) in Ur (25) for my own life. (27) Of that temple (29) I called the name (28) ” the dwelling-house that refreshes his heart.”


(1) For Nannar, (2) the princely son, (3) who shines in a clear sky, (4) who listens unto prayers and supplications, (5) my king, (6) Warad-Sin, (7) nourisher of Ekur, (8) the shepherd who has charge (9) of Egishshirgal, (10) the worshiper (11) at the shrine of E-barra, (12, 13) who performs the ordinances and rituals of Eridu, (14) who increases the offerings (15) of E-ninnu, am I. (16, 17) He who restores the place of Lagash and Girsu, am I; (18, 19) he who renovates the cities and their lands, (20) who makes Nannar and the sun-god (21) have a good house in their dwelling, (22) the reverent prince, (23) who in the temple of his king, (24) stands for the preservation of his life, am I. (25) When Namrasit, the god of the new moon,


(26, 27) had revealed to me his favorable omen, (28, 29) had directed on me his look of life, (30-32) had commanded me to build his temple, to restore its place, (33) for my own life, (34) and the life (35) of Kudurmabug, (36) the father who begat me, (37) his house, joy of the heart, (38) E-temennigur, (39) I built for him. (40 As the ornament and wonder of the land, (41) it stands for ever. (42) Nannar, my king, (43) thou art he who did it. (44) As for me, who am I ? (45) Because of my work, (46) may Nannar lord of heaven and earth (47) rejoice. (48) A decree of life, a long reign, (49) a throne solidly established, (50) may he give me as a present.