Origin/Historian/Author: Akkadian (ca 2300 BCE)
Source: The Sacred Books and Literature of the East, By Prof. Charles F. Horne, Ph.D.
The Sacred Books and Literature of the East Translations conducted by:
Morris Jastrow, Jr., LL.D., Rev. A.H. Sayce, LL.D., Robert W. Rogers, LL.D., George A. Barton, LL.D., Leonard W. King, F.S.A., Stephen Langdon, PH.D., Arno Poebel, PH.D., and other scholars.

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Sargon, the mighty king, the King of Agade, am I,
My mother was lowly, my father I knew not,
And the brother of my father dwells in the mountain.
My city is Azupiranu,(7) which lies on the bank of the Euphrates.
5 My lowly mother conceived me, in secret she brought me forth.
She set me in a basket of rushes, with bitumen she closed my door;
She cast me into the river, which rose not over me.
The river bore me up, unto Akki, the irrigator, it carried me.
Akki, the irrigator, with . . . lifted me out,
10 Akki, the irrigator, as his own son . . . reared me,
Akki, the irrigator, as his gardener appointed me.
While I was a gardener the goddess Ishtar loved me,
And for . . . -four years I ruled the kingdom.
the black-headed peoples (8) I ruled, I governed;
15 Mighty mountains with axes of bronze did I destroy.
I climbed the upper mountains;
I burst through the lower mountains.
The Country of the Sea three times did I besiege;
Dilmun(9) did . . .
20 Unto the great Dur-ilu (10) I went up, I
. . . I altered . . .
Whatsover king shall be exalted after me,
. . . . . . . . . .
Let him rule, let him govern the black-headed peoples;
25 Mighty mountains with axes of bronze let him destroy.
Let him climb the upper mountain;
Let him burst through the lower mountains.
The country of the Sea let him three times besiege
And Dilmun . . .
30 To the great Dur-ilu let him go up …
. . . from my city of Akkad . . .

(7) The location of this city is unknown.
(8) A common phrase for the people of the Euphrates valley.
(9) Dilmun was an island in the Persian Gulf.
(10) A city in eastern Babylonia. The name signifies, “Wall of God.”