Origin/Historian/Author: Babylonian
Source: Babylonian Magic and Sorcery, L. W. King, 1896

This prayer was recorded by Babylonian scribes, and dedicated to the Akkadian god Bel. In some Akkadian and Babylonian literature, Marduk is known as Bel, however there are earlier mentions of Bel which are known to refer to Enlil. Although no name is mentioned in this composition, the lord of destinies, ruler of heaven and earth, and father of the gods, are all epithets of Marduk, Bel, and Enlil. The main function of this prayer was to denounce evil that may have, or was due to take place during a specific time.

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4. O Lord! O Lord! O Lord! …..
5. Father of the great [gods?]!
6. The lord of destinies, the [god?] of charms!
7. The ruler of heaven and earth, the lord of lands!
8. Perfect in judgment, whose word is not altered!
9. Director of destinies …..
10. In the evil of the eclipse of the moon which in the month (space) on the day (space) has taken place,
11. In the evil of the powers, of the portents, evil and not good,
12. Which are in my palace and my land!
13. At thy command created was mankind!
14. Unto king and noble their names thou didst name!
15. Since to create god and king
16. Rests with thee!