Origin/Historian/Author: Babylonian (ca 1900 BCE)
Source: The Sacred Books and Literature of the East, By Prof. Charles F. Horne, Ph.D.
The Sacred Books and Literature of the East Translations conducted by:
Morris Jastrow, Jr., LL.D., Rev. A.H. Sayce, LL.D., Robert W. Rogers, LL.D., George A. Barton, LL.D., Leonard W. King, F.S.A., Stephen Langdon, PH.D., Arno Poebel, PH.D., and other scholars.

This Old Babylonian period text is perhaps one of the earlier mentions of Marduk as a supreme god. The name Marduk means son of the sun god which implies his father Ea to be a solar deity. Other than this single genealogical relation, almost all other information recorded in this composition can be considered praise and worship.

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O mighty, powerful, strong one of Ashur!
O noble, exalted, first-born of Ea!
O Marduk, the mighty, who causeth to rejoice!
Lord of Isagila, help of Babylon, lover of Izida!
5 Preserver of life, prince of I-mah-til-la, renewer of life!
Shadow of the land, protector of distant peoples!
Forever the sovereign of shrines!
Forever is thy name good in the mouth of the peoples!
O Marduk, mighty lord, . . .,
10 At thy exalted command let me live, let me be perfect and let me behold thy divinity!
When I plan, let me attain my purpose!
Cause righteousness to dwell in my mouth!
. . . mercy in my heart!
15 Return and be established! May they command mercy!
May my god stand at my right hand!
May my goddess stand at my left hand!
May my god, who is favorable, stand firmly at my side,
To give utterance, to command, to harken and show favor!
20 Let the word I speak, when I speak, be propitious!
O Marduk, mighty lord, command life!
The life of my life do thou command!
Before thee brightly have I bowed myself, let me be satisfied!
May Bel be thy light, may Ea shout with joy unto thee!
25 May the gods of the world be favorable to thee!
May the great gods delight thy heart!