Origin/Historian/Author: Sumerian (ca. 2000 BCE)
Source: Sumerian Liturgical Texts, By Stephen Langdon, 1917

This Sumerian sacred song was recorded around 2000 BCE. It features Enlil receiving an unnamed instrument, presumably a horn or trumpet of some kind, as a gift from a deity referred to here as Ninurasha. The text itself is short, only two columns, both of which are fragmented and complicates our ability to understand certain details.

(Ni. 13877)

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1. ….. decrees(?) with glory truly he exalted.
2. ….. whose injunction is not changed.
3. ….. he caused to go forth.
4. In heaven ….. as a gift truly he gave.
5. In earth ….. as a gift truly he gave.
6. To …..
7. ….. the ….. priestess suspended (?).
8. The instrument he caused to be instituted; the sun arose.
9. The fixed tax he made; fate he decreed.
10. He gave directions for carrying the instrument.
11. Enlil sang the praise of his instrument the.
12. His ….. whose head is of lazuli.
13. The instrument in his temple, the pure, was …..
14. His instrument the whose ….. was like the ….. of a healthy farmer,
15. Its voice like that of a horned bull over the great wall arose.
16. The lord on the recited in numbers(?) ….. fate he …..
17. Sumer …..
18. The lace of mankind with brightness [he caused to shine].
19. Unto Enlil his land [gave heed].
20. Upon his dark-headed people he cast a kindly gaze.
21. The Anunnaki hastened thither.
22. Their hands, their mouths, he opened (?)
23. Unto Enlil adoration they offered in fidelity.
24. Unto the land of the dark headed people destiny they uttered.”
25. “By the sister[1] of the lord ye were created.
26. By the king ye were created.
27. Ninmenna fulfilled the creating.
28. The leading goat in heaven and earth, lord Nunamnnir,
29. He who is impetuous, the heroic,
30. gave unto them a name.

[1] Aruru, or Nintud


1. Their chief, whom like …..
2. He shall have raised up for them,
3. Unto the gods shall offer meal cakes.”
4. Enki sang the praise of his instrument, the.
5. The maiden Nidaba rendered advice.
6. The star-like, the holy she took in her hand.
7. In Ekur, temple of Enlil the instrument was placed.
8. By day the shall utter speech, by night the shall give forth song.
9. In Nippur the well builded, in Tummal,
10. Tummal, which is the reed ….. of mother Ninlil,
11. In the dark chamber of her that ….. the bread of their fixed offerings,
12. The heroic god Nin-urasha for Enlil the instrument created.
13. …..
14. A vision during the middle of the night
15. The holy goddess Nin-lsin unto Enlil …..
21. “The devastating storm ….. the god Shulpae …..