Origin/Historian/Author: Babylonian
Source: Babylonian Magic and Sorcery, L. W. King, 1896

This Babylonian prayer was composed on a single clay tablet and dedicated to the goddess Bau and the god Shamash. Quite similar to the Prayer to Damkina and Bau, the subject acknowledges the hardships being experienced are due to Marduk’s disposition towards their actions. By reciting this prayer, the subject plead for Bau to pacify Marduk’s rage.

This text contains no relevant genealogical or relational data regarding the gods aside from the mention of an epithet or two. Bau, or sometimes referred to as Baba, is described here as a merciful and mighty mother who dwells in the heavens. This text implies Bau may have had some influence over Marduk.

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(To Ba’u)

71. O Ba’u, mighty lady, merciful mother, that dwellest in the bright heavens,
72. I beseech thee, O lady, stand and hearken unto me!
73. I have sought thee, I have turned to thee, like the ulinnu of my god and of my goddess thy ulinnu I have grasped,
74. Since to give judgment, to make decision,
75. To raise to life and to give prosperity rests with thee,
76. Since thou knowest to protect, to benefit and save!
77. O Ba’u, mighty lady, merciful mother,
78. Among the multitude of the stars of heaven,
79. [O lady,] I have turned to thee, …..
80. The upuntu-plant accept and take away my sighing!
81. Let me send thee unto my angry god, unto my goddess who is angry,
82. Unto the god of my city who is wroth and is enraged with me!
83. …..
84. …..
85. O Ba’u, mighty lady at the word of thy exalted command which ….. in Ekur,
86. And thy sure mercy which changeth not,
87. Let my wrathful god return, let my angry goddess …..
88. Let the god of my city (return) who is wroth and whose heart is enraged with me!
89. Let him that is incensed be pacified, let him that is enraged ….. !
90. O Ba’u, mighty lady, that dost hold …..
91. Unto Marduk, king of the gods, my merciful lord …..
92. Broad is thy protection, mighty is thy compassion ….. !
93. The gift of favor and life upon [me bestow],
94. That I may praise thy greatness, that I may bow in humility before thee!

(To Shamash)

111. O judge of the gods, lord of the Igigi,
112. O Shamash, lord of the land’s destiny, the ….. of charms art thou!
113. Decree my destiny, make pleasant my path!
114. Let my powers be propitious!
115. Let my dreams be favorable!
116. The dream I have beheld do thou establish favorably!